Bellarine Secondary College maintains a diverse learning environment promoting academic excellence and vocational success. The Student Learning Policy ensures the learning needs of all students are met.


  • To foster the intellectual, physical, cultural and social development of all students
  • To provide students with the skills, confidence and competencies to be life-long learners
  • To develop in students the desire to make a positive contribution to society


  • All students will have access to educational experiences that are challenging, purposeful and comprehensive
  • All students are recognised as being capable of improving their educational achievements
  • The curriculum will be documented, visible and available to all community members
  • The curriculum will be contemporary and ensure the development of 21st century skills; critical analysis, collaboration, problem solving, and be ICT rich
  • The curriculum will be inclusive and appropriate for all students
  • All students will be able to explore their capabilities to learn, progress and experience success
  • Assessment and reporting will focus on a student’s achievements and efforts, and suggest strategies for improvement
  • The curriculum will promote excellence in learning and assist students to develop confidence, resilience, independence and the ability to work effectively with others


  • Classroom programs will be developed and implemented within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum, the Victorian AusVELs and the Victorian Curriculum for Years 7 to 10 and the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Years 11 and 12. The Victorian Curriculum will be implemented and reported to from 2017
  • The College curriculum will be documented for all year levels. Documentation will include a curriculum map for every subject and year level, learning sequences and common assessment tasks (School Assessed Coursework SACs for VCE units) for every topic or unit and proficiency scales
  • A range of methods of teaching and learning will be incorporated into the documented learning sequences. The College instructional model known as The Bellarine Classroom will be imbedded and evidenced in all learning sequences and classroom delivery
  • College Reporting and Assessment practices will meet DET requirements and provide timely and accurate feedback to students, parents and guardians
  • Curriculum programs delivered by external providers including VET certificates, school based apprenticeships and targeted programs such as The Bellarine Estate program and Hands On Learning will be overseen by the Student Learning Team
  • The Student Learning Team will include Principal class members, relevant leading teachers and all DBA leaders and will be responsible for the implementation of this policy.
  • All curriculum taught will be accredited by the Student Learning Team
  • The Student Learning Team will conduct an annual review of the curriculum targeting specific programs as required and ensuring the continuous development and improvement of the College curriculum. The Student Learning Team will also conduct an annual review of the instructional practices of staff in all learning areas with particular focus on the components of the Bellarine Classroom including the use of student learning data to inform teaching.
  • Changes to the curriculum, programs or curriculum structure of the College will be determined by July of the preceding year and will involve broad consultation
  • The curriculum will be ratified by College Council and available to the community
  • The Finance Committee will determine the resourcing of all programs following budget submissions prepared by DBA or program leaders



This policy will be reviewed every three years or more frequently if necessary due to changes in regulations or circumstances.

Policy number1.1
Approval dateSeptember 2016
Review dateSeptember 2019
DET/VRQA requiredYes