Charles Latrobe arrived in the Port Phillip settlement in 1839. He took up a block of land in Shortland’s Bluff (later renamed Queenscliff) as a family camp site in the summer. When he left 15 years later, the town was renamed to Queenscliff to celebrate Queen Victoria. He donated his block of land to the Anglican Church. St George’s Church was built on the high ground and the St George Church of England hall built on the lower ground.

In 1945 the Queenscliff Higher Elementary School opened in St. George’s Church of England Hall in Learmonth Street, Queenscliff.

In its first year of operation the school had 70 pupils.

In 1954 the Higher Elementary School moved to a new location fronting the bay.

In 1957 it became a High School with the first headmaster Mr. J.J. Bishop.

The Ocean Grove Campus opened to Year 7 students in January 1985 and Year 8 was later added in 1986.

The school changed its name to Bellarine Secondary College in 1992

The Swan and Corio wings were built in 1996 at the Drysdale Campus. The Year 9 and 10 students moved to the new Campus and the Year 11 and 12 students remained at Queenscliff.

The Nepean, Lonsdale and Admin block was built in 1998 and all the remaining senior students moved to the Drysdale Campus.

The Ocean Grove Campus was rebuilt during 2002 – 2003.

On the Drysdale Campsus, a purpose built Later Years Centre opened Mid 2022, named the Yani-Iny-Ngitj Centre, which translates from local indigenous lanaguage to “We walk to the future”