The Bellarine Secondary College Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL)

Information for the 2025 SEAL program and application form can be found below.

The Bellarine SEAL Program
The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program at Bellarine Secondary College provides a learning environment of like-minded students who have demonstrated that they can progress through their learning faster than their peers.

The Accelerated Learning Program is a fantastic opportunity for students ready to embrace the extra challenge this program brings.

Bellarine Secondary College’s DUX in 2023 was a former Accelerated Learning student who attributed much of her success to her experience in the Accelerated Learning Program.

Accelerated Learning Program Students again made up a large percentage of the top results from the College, with many receiving high ATAR scores. Most students who received the highest study score for their Unit 3&4 subjects were Accelerated Learning students from either Year 11 or Year 12.

Regular assessment of Bellarine Secondary College’s SEAL Students via the University of NSW ICAS tests has shown that students are achieving at the top level of education in Victoria at each year level.

What Does Acceleration Mean?
The Accelerated Learning Program allows students to progress through their secondary education faster by providing challenging learning experiences tailored to talented learners’ needs.

There is greater emphasis on higher-order thinking and learning skills, independent learning and research. Course content is compacted so that a typical year 7-10 program is covered more quickly than average without omitting anything. The accelerated program contains less repetition.

Enrichment is provided by broadening content, understanding, experience and skills to a level appropriate to the students’ stages of development. Extension leads to in-depth study and integrating and applying knowledge at a deeper level.

The Program
Students are accelerated in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Indonesian Language, The Arts, Digital and Design Technologies, Health and Physical Education.

Students will have opportunities to participate in the full range of co-curricular activities offered by the school, including Inter-school Sports, Debating, Leadership Programs, Youth Advance, Student Government and the Camps program.

The range of co-curricular activities offered widens significantly as students enter middle and senior school, including the possibility of subject specialty camps such as Eco5 and Outdoor Education, Leadership Camps, and overseas study tours.

Student Eligibility
The Accelerated Learning Program is not for all students.  It is both demanding and rewarding. It provides students challenges and enrichment within a motivated and academic peer group. It entails a more significant workload and depth of learning in the early years of secondary schooling. The Accelerated Learning Program is suited to students who:

  • Have a solid and positive self-concept.
  • Have high levels of creativity.
  • Have a high level of maturity and commitment.
  • Are motivated and capable of independent learning.

Selection Process
The selection process for the Accelerated Learning Program is designed to identify students for whom this type of program is appropriate. The selection process involves formal testing in the areas of:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Creative writing

We also take into consideration:

  • Information from the applicant’s primary school
  • Information from the applicant’s parent/s or guardian/s
  • NAPLAN test results

Students will be asked to sit the Edutest Scholarship Test. The test will be conducted at the Drysdale Campus on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024, from 9:15 am until 12:30 pm.