1 to 1 Laptop Program

Please Note: We are NOT a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school

At Bellarine Secondary College, we see Laptops as an essential Learning Tool. 

Bellarine Secondary College currently has a 1 to 1 Laptop Program from Year 7 to 12.

To ensure the best possible access to information, communication technology and to meet the expectation that every student will have access to a laptop, Bellarine Secondary College has made the following options available. 


Families may purchase a laptop from our preferred supplier “Learning with Technologies” using the online portal located here: 


The portal offers families various payment methods, including Purchase now, Lay Buy, Payment via installments, and a finance option via Lattitude. 

The portal gives families a range of devices at varying cost and specifications. All Laptops available through the portal satisfy the performance requirements that students will need for school and includes 3 Year Warranty on the Device and Battery, with included repairs covering drops, liquid spills and structual failures, with unlimited repairs – No insurance required and no excess. 

Laptops purchased BEFORE December of any year will be delivered to the school for collection mid January the following year ready for the commencement of Term 1. 

Laptops purchased via this method, have the advantage of onsite repairs at Bellarine Secondary College for all Warranty and Insurance Issues, with a Technician from LWT onsite twice weekly to conduct repairs. 


While families, and students, generally decide to purchase a laptop through LWT, your child will be provided with a shared device for class use only if you decide not to purchase a new device. These devices are collected by the student each day for class and are only for use at school and cannot be taken home.

A Student receives a computer each day, which they collect from the Library before school, and return to the Library after school between 3:10pm and 3:30pm. This may not be a new computer. 

Warranty is arranged by the school, Families may be required to pay an excess for any Accidental Damage that occurs to the device. 

Please note we are not a Bring your Own Device (BYOD) school.

As part of a comprehensive approach to the use of technology within the college, the Student and Family Handbook aims to address the expectations and processes relevant to the use of technology within and by the college.

It can be downloaded here.

Bellarine Secondary College Laptop Order Portal  (Please make sure you click on the link appropriate for your year level)


For further information on the use of the Department of Education and Training’s Office 365 platform, click here

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

The College has a well-established and very successful Laptop Program that is premised on all students having a common nominated device. This ensures the College, alongside LWT can provide the necessary support to ensure all students can access learning.

Our priority remains to ensure that your child is not without a laptop and therefore unable to access learning. A common device enables the college technicians to provide onsite and timely support to minimize disruption to learning. The common functionality and specifications ensure that IT technicians can provide the necessary technical support that may at times be needed

The College’s Laptop Program provides a consistent and common learning experience for all students, as all students will have the same specifications, software and common platform and have guaranteed access to the College Network.  

If devices do require repairs or maintenance, students will be provided with a loan laptop to ensure they can continue to access the learning.

DET’s Parent Payment Policy does not allow schools to purchase laptops and arrange payment plans with parents. Families that do not purchase their own device will be provided with a shared laptop to utilize in classes that require access to a device. 

Parents can begin payments immediately to avoid a lump sum payment and if the total is paid by December the device can be collected prior to your child/ren starting he next year.  If not paid by this date the laptop will be sent to the College once full payment has been received. 

The College has onsite IT Technicians that can review and resolve the problem for your child. If the device requires repair under warranty, a loan device may be provided, and the ICT Technicians will arrange the warranty repair through LWT. You will be notified via Compass once the repair has been completed.  This ensures that your child will not be without a device whilst being repaired.

If a laptop is accidently damaged, and insurance has been selected at the time of purchase, the College will work with LWT to log an insurance claim for repair. An Excess for repair will be payable, if applicable, before any repair is carried out. A request for payment of the excess will come directly from LWT. Payment will be required before any repairs are undertaken by the Vendor. – As of April 2024, devices purchased from the portal have coverage for drops, liquid spills and structual failures, with unlimited repairs – No insurance required and no excess. 

If Insurance was NOT selected at the time of purchase, a quote for repair will be sent directly from LWT. This cost will likely be significantly higher than what an Insurance Excess may be.