Equine Program

Did you know Bellarine Secondary College teach Equine studies???
The VET Equine program is designed as an introduction to the equine industry. In the first year of the course you will learn the skills and knowledge to work safely with horses including basic horse husbandry and care, understanding equine behaviour, daily work routines and equine anatomy.
In the second year students learn how to identify and monitor the signs of common illness and injury in horses; understand basic horse physiology and the impact of illness and injury on horses; identify conformation in horses and develop the ability to use appropriate conformation terminology to describe the relationship between conformation, movement and function; and gain understanding of how to implement feeding programs, monitor the quality of feed, feed supplements and individual feeding habits of horses.

This course is open to VCE and VCEVM students from all schools in the Geelong region. Certificates are issued by Box Hill Tafe

Units of Competency:
Unit 1 & 2 Core and electives(*):
ACMEQU202 Handle horses safely
ACMEQU205 Apply knowledge of horse behaviour
VU22681 Work effectively in an Equine organisation
VU22685 Identify Equine Anatomy
ACMEQU201* Work safely in industries with horses
VU22687* Demonstrate basic horse riding and driving skills
VU22688* Assist in the preparation of a horse for an event
HTLAID003* Provide first aid
Unit 3 & 4 Core
VU22682 Implement horse health and welfare practices
VU22683 Implement and monitor horse feeding programs
VU22684 Relate equine form to function
VU22686 Identify and describe equine physiology
• You will receive a nationally recognised certificate.
• You can undertake this course as part of your VCE and receive a study score.
You will need to take an external exam and complete your coursework.
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